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Trends I'm Seeing

Boulder County's high demand - low inventory market persists. Within our microcosm, I've seen three interesting trends emerge.

First, more seniors are seeking to relocate here. Several of my clients have found or are actively seeking housing for their parents, who are moving here from out of state. Depending upon the price range, Boulder's options for seniors can be lean (but are certainly possible), while Louisville, Lafayette, Longmont, Broomfield and other east communities offer some pretty stellar opportunities. I work to help families make big transitions like these as smooth as possible. If your parents are visiting this summer and want a lay-of-the-land tour, don't hesitate to call me.

Second, more parents of college-age students are seeking income property in their child's college town. Here's where the RE/MAX network comes into play. I can help you find a local agent who has an excellent reputation with both clients and industry insiders. Online reviews can only go so far in telling who knows income property, who takes care of clients, and who will have your long-term interests at heart. Call me to help find a solid, knowledgeable local agent for income or vacation property.

Finally, have you seen the photographs on local listings lately? Funny thing. When I started in this business, listings didn't even include photos. That eventually progressed to polished, professional photography for every listing. Today I'm seeing cell phone photos and even no photos at all - a sure sign of seller strength. Buyers have to be available to see properties up close and quickly.

Just a few thoughts. Please call me anytime with yours.

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