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Thoughts on The Year Ahead

Since 2013, fierce buying competition has dominated the Boulder Valley real estate scene. Demand has far exceeded the supply of homes, town homes, condos and investment properties on the market. A strong economy, robust job market, influx of new residents and low interest rates have driven these conditions. With all of these factors, the first quarter of 2017 shows no signs of waning.

The 30-year fixed interest rate is currently at 4.5%, which is .5% higher than a year ago. Rates will likely increase more this year, but they are still near historic lows.


Intelligence in a seller's market yields better outcomes for everyone. Kicking off my 24th year in the business, I'm very proud to have helped so many buyers find, negotiate and successfully purchase homes here in Boulder County. I've also helped many sellers maximize their opportunities by offering measured guidance that results in low-drama, high-yield sales.   

It is very easy to make mistakes in a fast-paced market. In 2017, it continues to be very important for both sellers and buyers to put experience on their side. Questions? Ideas? Please call me anytime.

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