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It's cold. It's snowy. And home buyers are out in force!

Strong buyer demand is driving quick sales and multiple offers are the norm. What's going on? The first few months of the year are traditionally dominated by a high sense of buyer urgency. That's been boosted lately by a lack of available homes on the market. Also, interest rates have risen recently and buyers are trying to lock in the lowest rate possible before they go any higher. Many sellers list in June because they feel the house shows better once things green up and they don't want to move during winter. But with so many buyers out now, it's worthwhile to get on the market and take advantage of the imbalance due to limited inventory. With less competition, sellers will likely net a better price. Listing now does not mean you have to move right away. Buyers are flexible with terms and are generally willing to offer a rent back of up to 60 days; they simply want to lock in a purchase while they can. Whether you are buying or selling in Boulder County, it's important to have an experienced and committed agent on your side. Contact me to better understand your opportunities in the current market. Best, Rich

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