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Freeze Alert: Is Your Sprinkler System Ready?

Forecasters think we may have a freeze this Monday, when snow is expected to accumulate in the foothills. If you haven't yet had your sprinkler system blown out, check out this Organo-Lawn video on steps you can take to protect your pipes. Be sure to schedule a professional blow out as soon as you can, and put these other Fall essentials on your to do list:

  • Have your gutters cleaned.

  • Get your furnace serviced.

  • Disconnect hoses and turn off outdoor water (if hose bibs are not frost-free).

  • Seal cracks around doors and windows.

  • Replace smoke and carbon monoxide detector batteries.

  • Have your chimney cleaned and check that the damper is working.

If you need a referral for any of these items, call me anytime on (303) 931.6979.

- Rich

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