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How High Can Values Go?

In the current climate of low supply, high demand and increasing values, many of you are asking: How high can values go?

In my 20 years of full-time real estate experience, I've concluded that the important thing to know about Boulder Valley is this: values almost never significantly decline. The right time to buy is always last year -- and if that didn't happen, right now. 

Our market regularly sees prolonged "surges" (what we're experiencing now) sometimes followed by periods of flat appreciation (think 2008). A robust business environment and the outstanding lifestyle we enjoy beckons successful people, and thus, greater demand. I've just helped two business owners -- one from Silicon Valley and another from New York City -- relocate to Boulder, purchase homes, and re-establish their business base from here. 

The big Colorado story right now may be marijuana legalization, but don't be fooled.

Our reputation is much more interesting and exciting to enterprising individuals. In his illuminating article How Boulder Became A Start Up Capital, Burt Helm wrote "Boulder is an entrepreneurial powerhouse like no other." 

I don't see demand for Boulder Valley real estate curtailing anytime soon. Give me a call to discuss how to make our market work for you.

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